Presentation of priority projects for the partnership in 2012-2017

This is a presentation of the priority projects for the new strategic plan 2012-2017. The strategic plan comprises of many strategies but the selected few are our first priorities in the following order.Green color shows that the project is purely for income generation, red shows that the projects are getting sustainable and move on and blue is for the projects that needs support.

1, Eco – Travelling.

This is Rukararwe’s new project initiated in 2011 with the first group of travelers received in November 2011 …

2, Protection of Nature:

·         farming (cow project, agro forestry)

·          tree planting and nursery bed developments

·         earth brick technology / construction

·         compost toilette

·         energy saving cooking stoves

·         solar technologies for water and sanitation

3, Psychosocial work and support

·         holistic healing (traditional and western medicine)

·          counseling and grieving services,

·         Rwanshetsya orphanage

4, Education, Skills development, women and youth work

·         tailored skills development programs,

·         school partnerships

·          work camps and youth exchange programs,

5, Intercultural and inter-religious work / dialogue

·         Continuous promotion of unity in diversity through working and sharing together

·          learning from one another

·         church partnerships

·         cultural sharing both in Uganda and in other countries, etc

6, Structure and Organizational Development

·         evaluations and monitoring

·         recruitment and training of staff

to be supported by 10%  contributions to administrative costs on every project

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