After a short briefing, you will head into the rainforest with an experienced guide, entering a unique world. Get bedazzled by the endless green, the complete silence, interrupted only by the cries of monkeys and the songs of tropical birds, makes it an experience beyond your imagination.

The rainforest has a size of 137 sq km .It habits 414 tree species, 379 species of birds, 262 butterflies and 97 mammals, 6 of them are primate species. The forest has even a popuation of 220 chimpanzees living in two groups, also some animals from Queen Elisabeth National Park are netering the forest for a short time because they are close to each other.

What to do

Monkey Tracking

A special highlight of the Kalinzu Rainforest is the opportunity for monkey tracking.

The guides are skilled on moves in the treetops and on the cries, which are coming from everywhere. So they know exactly where the monkeys are hiding and can interpret the smallest signs to bring you to the monkey’s habitation. The chance to find chimpanzees in Kalinzu is very high, but the whole time there is a certain suspense, which will unload when you finally find and see the monkeys. you will have around one hour with the monkeys than you are going back. The tour starts at 7:30 am and 3 pm and takes between 2 and 3 hours.

Enjoy the journey to the kings of the treetops! 


This short circular forest trail is just 2.5 km long. It will pass the Kajojo or elephant river where this animals like to bath sometimes. You will see many signs of Primates around as well as some interesting and beautiful trees.


This circular trail is also not very long with its 3.5 km. It will lead you to the top of a valley from where you have a great overview. Also here you will meet some fascinating forest features on the way


This 5 km long circular way offers you the chance to see some unique tree species. Have you ever heard about flame tree, dragon tree or raphia palms? No? So take your chance to see them.


The waterfall trail is with 11km the longest in Kalinzu. It passes hilly and wet area so you should be fit to go it. If you follow this trail you will see the Kilyantama waterfall, also called sheep eater, so find out how big it is and f it deserves such a scary name.

How to get there

The Kalinzu Rainforest is about 45 minutes far from Rukararwe with a car. The way to the rainforest alone, passing through the famous Igara tea-fields and the pictoral hills, is worth a visit. It is located in Bushenyi district close to Kasese-Mbarara highway.

If you want to find Kalinzu Rainforest on google maps klick here.

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