Environmental concern may have been limited, but it was there, even if it was below the surface. We are partnering with a number of individuals, corporations, companies, governments, NGO's and other entities in and outside Uganda. They support us in their different capacities and for that we are grateful.

Our major operations include:

• Public environmental conservation awareness and education

• Environmental conservation exercises with emphasis on tree planting

• Green power systems and energy saving education and information dissemination

Our major objectives are:

• Mitigate environment degradation in Uganda through community intervention strategies of environmental conservation and protection.

• Restore and prevent loss of forest cover in Uganda through engaging school communities in agro-forestry activities.

• Sensitize primary and secondary school children on environmental conservation and the consequences of environmental degradation at their assemblies on the benefits of the tree planting exercise.

• Obtain active involvement of secondary and primary school children in agro-forestation for the creation of school Green Parks as an aspect of environment conservation.

• Planting trees that are directly beneficial to the community, involving local communities in these exercises thus ensuring the sustainability of the project.

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