The Kibale National Park is the most accessible of Uganda’s major rainforests. It is a home to a remarkable 13 primate species, including a much localized red colobus and L’Hoest’s monkey. However Kibale's major attraction is the opportunity to track habituated chimps - these delightful apes, more closely related to humans than any other living creature, are a tremendous fun to watch as they squabble and play in fruiting trees. Chimps are among the most intelligent primates. They've learned basic sign language in laboratories and in nature they exhibit tool use, fashioning sticks to dig for termites and grubs, smashing nuts with rocks and crumpling leaves to collect water.



What To Do


The main attractions are chimp tracking and other forest guided walks even night walks. Ornithologists shouldn’t miss Bigodi wetland sanctuary, a superb community development fringing the park. Furthermore a field of beautiful crater lakes lies between Fort Portal and Kibale forest.



Getting there

Kibale is located in Western Uganda near Fort Portal which is in Kabarole district, some 50 kms away from Rukararwe. There is a newly surfaced road which passes the Queen Elizabeth National Park and Kasese. As a matter of course you can book a trip to the Kibale Rainforest with our friendly team.

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