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When you are staying at Rukararwe there are various possibilities to experience and enjoy unspoiled nature. Why don’t you take a walk through our Demonstration forest, take some time for bird watching or climb the Irembezi hills for a magnificent view of the surroundings? Experience nature on Rukararwe Compound 

Bird watchingRukararwe Compound
One of the special activities you can do at Rukararwe is the bird watching!
Rukararwe and the surrounding is the home of myriad African bird species due to its unspoiled nature. Track all these birds directly on the Rukararwe premises.
The district “Bushenyi” where Rukararwe is located, records one of the highest occurrences of cranes in whole Uganda. Get fascinated by the elegance of these birds.

Demonstration Forest Package

Uganda’s forests have suffered greatly since the beginning of the 20th Century, mainly due to excessive logging, fuel wood collection, expansion of agricultural land for the growing population and industry, as well as overgrazing. This has lead to the loss of 6.5 million hectares of forested land in Uganda. Rukararwe PWRD tries to make the dangers of deforestation known to the local population and provides a great example with its own demonstration forest.  The forest has different species like medicinal trees ,in order to promote our traditional medicines, fruit trees to attract beautiful birds in an area. One can enjoy a forest walk with our friendly guides.

Nursery bed and Demonstration Forest Package will allow you to see forest plants in a protected natural habitat and in their different life stages; from young seedlings in the nursery bed to the archaic trees in the forest. As a highlight, you will not only be able to observe propagation methods with young plants in the nursery bed, but you will also be able to plant your very own tree and make an educative signpost for it.  



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