Crafts Against Poverty and is a project of the Ugandan NGO RPWRD (Rukararwe Partnership Workshop for Rural Development). The Idea is to identify women who are producing different crafts to earn an income and to achieve several skills such as working in a group, running a business and communication. Another project aim is to help them learn more about their environment, recycling, their community, intercultural issues, independence and sustainability.

Project History

The CAP-Project started as a joint venture programme of the two ugandan NGO’s YSA (Youth Social Work Association) and RPWRD (Rukararwe Partnership Workshop of Rural Development).The idea was to establish several groups of women who were supposed to produce crafts to earn an income and to acquire different skills as mentioned above.Project History

In September 2010 the initiators of CAP started the project with an information day at Rukararwe. All interested women in the area were welcome and by the end of the day 33 of them filled their entry forms to become members of the CAP-group.

CAP-group information day

Also in Kampala, Ntinda, a group was established. Concerning the facilities there, this group consisted of only two women for a start.

In some workshops these women groups learned about communication and business skills and also how to produce a mosquito repellent cream, the “skin smoother”.  Also a sales office for the cream was opened in Soroti, the region with the highest rates of malaria infections within Uganda.

Skin Smoother, a mosquito repellent cream

After some month and some workshops a group of ~15 women started to meet regularly at Rukararwe to produce cream, to learn how to make other crafts, to discuss and to try on their own ideas. The Kampala group continued their work until summer 2011 when the group dispersed. Because the sales in Soroti did not go too well and also product transport was a problem the sales office was closed again after a rather short time of trial.

By now only the Rukararwe group is still existent, training new women and successfully working on new and old products. You can check some of them out on this homepage and contact us any time for more information!


Paper beads

When the CAP-project started, the women learned how to use old papers like calendars and advertisements to produce beads for different types of jewellery such as Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings.Paper Beads

The quality improved a lot with time and today you can’t even realize that they are made out of paper. We also varnish them which makes them water resistant, shiny and durable.

There is a big variety of different forms and colors to be admired in our shop on Rukararwe grounds. Just come and pay us a visit or send us an email to order for your very own paper nacklace!

Colorful paper beads


Also the Seeds of local plants can be used to make jewellery

We usually mix Seeds of local plants with small glass beads of different colours to get a variety of different necklaces and Bracelets.

Glass beads

The newest crafts we produce are these bracelets made of small glass beads. They come in different sizes, colours and designs.

Skin Smoother

The first product that the group learned to produce is a solid cream, the „Skin Smoother“.

The Skin Smoother

Skin SmootherThe ingredients are natural oils of high quality that are good for your skin, such as avocado oil and coconut oil, as well as shea butter, bees wax, cocoa butter and citronella oil, which is not only a mosquito repellent, but also has a fantastic fresh scent and possesses activating and warming qualities both physically and mentally.

You are welcome!

Why don’t you pay us a visit in our hut on Rukararwe Grounds?

We meet there every Friday and Tuesday afternoon and are always open to receive visitors and customers.

If you are interested in ordering some of our Crafts for your shop, please contact us.

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