Traditional Medicine

In Uganda, 80 % of the rural population relies on traditional medicine for healthcare

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There are traditionally equipped Eco cottages on the extensive compound


Women Groups

We are happy to see you… about 25 women of the Music, Dance and Drama group are greeting Visitors

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Nature Conservation

We avail various possibilities on how to experience and enjoy unspoiled nature in Uganda


Orphanage Home

Rwanshetsya Orphanage is within the RPWRD project area in Bushenyi, Uganda.


Workshop with women

Learn traditional dances, how to make typical Crafts and how to prepare typical Ugandan food

Time: 3 hrs.                        



Forest Walk, Bird Watching, Tree Planting

Experience the importance of natural forests and indigenous plants and learn how to sustain them by propagating and planting trees

Watch and hear various types of birds and learn about their lifestyle

Time: 2 hrs.                           


Learn about Traditional Medicine

Get to know different species of medicinal plants and learn how to harvest and prepare traditional herbal medicine.

Time: 2 hrs.                            



Banana Tour

Get to know the different types of bananas

Watch each step from planting a banana tree to harvesting it and making beer and gin out of it

Time: 2,5 hrs.                              


Visiting Progressive Farmers

Learn more about the farmers live (maintaining the field, animal rearing,..), see the processing of tea, honey and wine

Enjoy a typical tea break at the farmer’s home

Time: 2 hrs.                              


Family Visit

Dip into the African lifestyle (fetching water, milking a cow, working on the field, etc.)

Enjoy  fresh milk tea with typical snacks at the families home

Time: 2 hrs.


Walk to Irembezi Hills

Get a great view of the surrounding nature and the beautiful scenery, while you can discover more about cultural background and beliefs 

Time: 3,5 hrs.                        



Visit of a Local market

Visit a typical Ugandan market, where they sell from vegetables to clothing everything

Time: 1,5 hrs.                      



Projects of the Youth Group

Get to know the projects of the Youth Group, which include Energy Cooking Stoves, Earth Brick Technology, Solar Energy and Agriculture

Time: 1 hr. 



Visit of a primary school

Experience the African learning atmosphere in a primary school

Time: 1 hr.                             



Visiting Orphanage

Be welcomed by the Rwanshetsya orphanage children with their dances and songs and share some time and a meal with them.

Time: 1 hrs.                           




Enjoy a cosy evening at the campfire in our forest with typical snacks (e.g. roasted bananas) and stories about Uganda

Time: 1,5 hrs.                        

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