BUshenyi Medical and Traditional Healers Association 

The project established an association of traditional and western-trained healers since 1988. Currently, the association is composed of 75 healers. It operates a clinic (and a laboratory) on a daily basis were herbal remedies are administered to patients previously diagnosed.

The cooperation between modern doctors and traditional healers increase the modern doctor’s knowledge of the effectiveness of traditional cures but has also helps to alleviate some of the mutual distrust between the practitians of the two different kinds of medicine.

Rukararwe Clinic

Different medical tests can be handled in Rukararwe:

  • Malaria parasite test
  • Tuberculosis test
  • Intestinal parasite test
  • Blood sugar test
  • Urine test

The association holds seminars which include traditional birth attendance, simple methods of hygiene, preservation dissemination and recording of herbal medicine, prevention of killer diseases like malaria, diarrhea, AIDS and other STD’s. Important medicines that cures worms, diarrhea, malaria, gonorrhea, and various skin diseases that have been established and recorded.

 By Nyine Bitahwa

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