Rukararwe is located about 3 kilometres in a Village off Bushenyi Local Government Headquarters in Western Uganda. It has an amazing overview the whole surrounding and the mountainous shaped landscape. Even the way to Rukararwe will give you a taste of the beauty in which you will spend your holiday.
Rukararwe Partnership Workshop for Rural Development is trying to combine holistic healing of body and soul, western medicine, traditional medicine and counseling in its clinic and projects.
It has a component of traditional medicine which started with the mobilization of healers all over Bushenyi District (more than 100 healers) and also has a component of counseling which takes place once a week at Rukararwe.
At Rukararwe PWRD we have many different projects and activities, such as:
-   Eco-Travel
-   Traditional Medicine
-   Nursery bed
-   Zero-grazing
-   Woman & Tailoring groups
-   Earth Brick Technology
-   Grieving & Counseling group
-   ....
You can find more information under projects on our website.
Yes, our traditional medicine department trains healers and promotes the use of traditional medicine, because it is locally accessible and affordable for most people.

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