The gorge is with 11 km the longest chasm of east Africa. It is named and watered by the river Kyambura and dominated by a thick underground forest. Underground is the right impression as the chasm is 100 deep The Gorge is mainly known for many different primates, even chimpanzees but also many other animals are coming here to drink.  So visit and experiance the very unique atmosphere of this special place.

What to do

Chimpanzee Tracking

It is possible to take part in a chimpanze tracking in the gorge. The tour starts at 8 am or 3 pm and takes one to three hours. While searching for the chimps you will also see other animals and get to know about the special environment and the vegetation.

Nature Walks

Another possiblity are the nature walks where you can just explore the forest on your own, but of cours while staying on the official ways. You ay see monkeys, swines birds and much more if you keep your eyes open and be a little bit calm.

How to get there

Kyambura Gorge is located inside Queen Eliyabeth National Park, you can find it here on google maps. The place is just around 56 km far from Rukararwe so that our drivers can take you there. It is easy to combine the trip with a tour to Queen Eliyabeth National Park.

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