You are a backpacker, so you don't want to spend so much money on your trip, but you still want to experianceUgandan nature and culture? Maybe you are even searching for something special, something the big tour companies don't offer, something that brings you in contact with the local population and gives you the chance to see and do what nobody else is seeing and doing?

Then you are right to check on us. We can bring you in contact with local people, show you local secret travel spots and are able to tell you about good places to go to on your own.

Here you can find a collection of local natural and cultural offers. If you are interested in visiting a national park and you want to get a better price, please contact us directly. Also don't hesitate to contact us about anything else. You can find our contact information here or you can check our staff contacts to reach a specific person.


Backpacker special offers






Per person

Per group (12 people)

      1)Banana tour (2.5 hours)

(visiting a banana plantation & learning all about bananas e.g. how to brew Banana beer and how to prepare Matooke)


50,000 UGX (13$)

684,000 UGX (180$)

     2) Forest walk (2 hours)

      (Learn about the different medicinal tree species & their propagation)


47,000 UGX (12$)


      3) Tree planting (2 hours)

 (Leave something behind and be plant a tree)


47,000 UGX (12$)


      4)Renewable energy technologies (1.5 hours)


         Energy saving stoves

         Earth brick technology


47,000 UGX (12$)

47,000 UGX (12$)

47,000 UGX (12$)

456,000 UGX (120$)

      5) Learn about traditional medicine:   

       Get to know different species and how to prepare it

Experience a massage using herbal medicine



47,000 UGX (12$)

47,000 UGX (12$)



684,000 UGX (180$)

684,000 UGX (180$)

      6) Participate in a workshop with the women:


learn how to make typical Ugandan crafts

Drumming and dancing

Learn how to prepare Ugandan food




57,000 UGX (15$)

57,000 UGX (15$)

57,000 UGX (15$)




684,000 UGX (180$)

684,000 UGX (180$)

684.000 UGX (180$)

      7)Campfire (1.5 hours)

(Snacks and cultural stories)


25,000 UGX (7$)

100,000 UGX (27$)  

      8) Market Ishaka (1hour)


20,000 UGX (5$)


      9) Nyakabirizi Market (3 hours)


20,000 UGX (5$)


      10) Kizinda market (2-3 hours)


20,000 UGX (5$)


      11) Kabagarame (2-3 hours)


20,000 UGX (5$)


      12) Shopping Tour Bushenyi/Ishaka (2 hours)


20,000 UGX (5$)


      13) Kitagata hot springs (0.5-1 hour)


30,000 UGX (8$)

Transport (small car 4 people): 80,000 UGX (21$)

(big car 10 people): 120,000 UGX (32$)


 Note: The dollar price in brackets is just for orientation and only approximate as exchange rates can change.

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